About Our Healing

Welcome to our distant healing portal.

Our names are Kathleen and Eileen.  We are two Celtic Spiritual healers who work together to channel healing energy from Saint Teresa for the highest good.  We do this by channeling directly from Saint Teresa through a verified authentic piece of her hair which we have in our possession.  We have a sworn affidavit proving the piece of hair is genuine.

Should you or a loved one be suffering from an illness or ailment, or require assistance to manifest a desired outcome (for the highest good) you can call on us to assist you with our distant healing.

Individual Private Healing Sessions

We  conduct individual private distant healing sessions.  Our individual healing sessions can usually be scheduled within 2 weeks of receiving your request.

For each healing session, Kathleen creates a healing altar for each healing session right next to the framed photo containing Saint Teresa’s hair.

Items placed on or near your healing altar include candles, a photograph of the person to be healed if available (this can be sent by email and displayed on Kathleen’s iPad) along with any other items which the person wishes to be blessed during the healing.

We also offer as optional extras a number of sacred ceremonial items to be blessed with Holy Water from Lourdes and also by Saint Teresa during your private distant healing session, and posted directly to you for a small donation.

Items are dependent on availability and may include healing crystal stones, sacred protection herbs in pouch, crystal stone beads, woven natural fabric ribbon.

From time to time we work together in person, but for most cases we connect via Skype or Telephone and talk to each other during the healing session, guiding each other through the session with information channelled through from Saint Teresa.

Sometimes during the session Saint Teresa will also provide nutritional advice for the patient, but nothing is guaranteed as each person’s healing experience is unique.

How Much Does it Cost?

Private distant healing is free of charge.

We do not advertise our healing sessions in the general media, bookings are generally received by word of mouth recommendation only.

We are honored to be working with Saint Teresa to conduct this sacred healing work.  We can’t give any guarantees, but we can be honest.  Miracles have been achieved here, please see our Testimonials page for details and make up your own mind.  Nothing can promise to cure.  The real healing must come from within.  Accepting the beauttiful person that you are.