Book Healing Session

If you would like to book a personal distant healing session, the cost is €20 (paid securely via Paypal) and includes:

  1. A focused private distant healing session conducted by the Spiritual healer, channeling the healing energy direct to you where it is needed, directly from Saint Teresa. This process takes around 20 minutes and is best done while you are resting for maximum benefit.
  2. A sacred healing crystal infused with Saint Teresa’s healing energy during the healing session, posted to your home address anywhere in the world. You can hold or visualise the crystal (if you don’t have it with you) at any time to call on the healing energies of Saint Teresa.

How To Book your Distant Healing:

Please email: eileen (at) earthprayers (dot) org with your name, your date of birth, postal address (for the crystal), description of your health problem including symptoms and how long it has persisted, and the location you will be at the time of the healing. Eileen will the email you a Paypal invoice and once payment is made, your healing session can be confirmed.