So far we have conducted five private distant healing sessions and the outcomes are described below.

We must point out that we cannot make any guarantees.  However with the following remarkable success stories from just our first distant healings, we felt compelled to offer the results of our healings to the public.

The ultimate fate of every individual (death) is already pre-determined at birth.  Sometimes what is needed is for the healing is to assist the patient to pass over peacefully and pain-free.

Please read our results below and make up your own mind.

Request #1

October 2016

After approximately 6 years in remission from her invasive breast cancer, an Irish woman living in the UK, XXXX suddenly took a turn for the worst when the cancer spread to her spine without warning and her health rapidly declined.  XXXX was admitted to hospital where she was diagnosed and transferred to palliative care and given just 3 months at the longest to live.

XXXX contacted Kathleen from her hospital bed to explain her condition.  Because Kathleen was a close friend, she automically decided to do the healing.  Kathleen called Eileen to make immediate plans to conduct the distant healing session together.

Within one week of the distant healing session, XXXX had begun to make a rapid and remarkable recovery, much to the amazement of the medical staff in palliative care ward, who have all proclaimed her recovery as a miracle.

Within one month of the distant healing session XXXX was discharged from palliative care and returned home where she enjoys good health without complaint.

This is all thanks to Saint Teresa.

Request #2

April 2017

XXXX was riddled with advanced arthritis, leaving him with very limited mobility.  Kathleen called Eileen to make immediate plans to conduct a distant healing session together as the symptoms were seriously affecting the quality of life for XXXX.

Within one week of the distant healing session, XXXX no longer had his arthritic symptoms, and he continues to enjoy a much better quality of life.

This is all thanks to Saint Teresa.

Request #3

Urgent distant healing session request received by Eileen from G. on 15th August 2017 for his friend, a man who suffered a cerebral haemorrhage in June and was in critical condition in a coma in intensive care in a London specialist hospital.  Eileen phoned Kathleen immediately and they discussed the patient in detail.  Kathleen determined the action plan.  The distant healing session was scheduled for the following evening with the approval of the patient’s family.

Date: 15th August 2017  Time: 8:41pm

Message sent to Eileent from G: Please help XXXX in London.  He is a vegetable at the moment.

Reply: OK, will do.  We (Kathleen & Eileen) are doing the healing at 8pm (tomorrow night)

Date: 16th August 2017.  Time: 9:28pm

Message from Eileen to G:: We have done the healing, we (Kathleen & Eileen) will do it again separately later tonight.

Date: 30th August 2017  Irish newspaper reports that “He has been making a steady recovery at the XXXX Hospital in London surrounded by his loving and supportive family.”

Date: 27th November 2017

Message received from G: “Delighted to spend some time with my great friend XXXX in London last weekend and to report that he has made an amazing recovery and hopes to be home shortly”

Date: 11th December 2017

Irish radio station reports that large crowds gather in [Irish village] to welcome home XXXX following serious illness in London.  Who has made a COMPLETE RECOVERY from his cerebral haemorrhage and subsequent “vegetable” state!

This is all thanks to Saint Teresa.

Request #4

Request received by Eileen on December 5th 2017 for a dear friend recovering from chemotherapy following a lung removal.  The friend was left in severe leg pain and very restricted mobility.  Eileen phoned Kathleen immediately and they discussed the patient in detail.  Kathleen recommended they wait until Eileen travelled over to the UK to visit Luna on December 19th.  Together Kathleen and Eileen decide the best evening for the healing would be Thursday December 21st.  It so happened this is also the Winter Solstice eve, a powerful evening for saying goodbye to the darkness, letting go of past negativity and welcoming in the light and new positive energies.

The distant healing session was scheduled and conducted on the evening of Thursday December 21st.

Date: Tuesday December 25th ( 4 days later )

Message received by Eileen: “Just to let you know that healing may have worked… were I had no movement in my toes, one of my feet the toes are moving and feeling is coming back …xxxxxx”

That’s amazing news, we are looking forward to more great news ahead!

This is all thanks to Saint Teresa.

Request #5

Request received by Eileen for a man in Dublin who was homeless, suffering multiple lung problems including emphysema, who was into hospital every week for treatement, and had recently been given hotel accomodation.

Healing done, within weeks he was cycling around the place, with full lung capacity.  Three weeks after the healing, he said he hasn’t been to the hospital for three weeks, for the first time in years as he is usally at the hospital every week – briliant!

He is now encouraging others to take control of their own health with regular excercise and healthy food.

This is all thanks to Saint Teresa.  The man is now alive and healthy and encouraging others not to give up hope!